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A small box that can.

VeeaHub (VHC05) model is designed as a highly compact and low-cost unit, and yet with most of the functionality of other VeeaHub models, for venues such as small to medium-size businesses (SMBs), retail shops, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, retail locations, hotel rooms, Small Office and Home Offices (SOHOs) and similar locations supporting the number of simultaneous Wi-Fi users that are typical for these types of locations.

Perfect for business.

VeeaHub uniquely provides for an HDMI interface so it is ideal for hospitality applications, such as in the hotel rooms or cruise ship cabins, for streaming audio and video applications. Once it is installed in the room next to the TV, it can also support various types of room automation such as lighting, thermostat, and shades controls. With the audio streaming application installed on VeeaHub, public announcements (e.g., in case of a fire) and digital concierge services become significantly easier to support through the TV speakers or a separate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker.